Over 50 Fitness

Over Fifty Fitness
Patrick Przyborowski, Founder

Over Fifty Fitness

“We’ll keep you moving like you’re fifty until you’re eighty or more”

Over Fifty Fitness is a training program designed specifically for men and women over fifty for whom quality of life is a priority.

  • It’s designed to work for new and experienced exercisers.
  • It arrives at a time when the fitness industry is being flooded with digital offerings, almost none of which caters to needs of the older adult.
  • The program can be done at home with just a few simple props.
  • It focuses on helping you safely enhance and maintain your movement quality while building strength, endurance, and balance, making it possible for you to enjoy all the activities you love.

If you are between fifty and eighty, and you want to keep moving well for a very long time, this program is for you.

To learn more, please watch the intro videos on the Over Fifty Fitness website.

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